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Bel Air Estate Wedding – Jordan & Tom – Featured in C Weddings!

It’s been an exciting start to the new year as I was honored to have two weddings featured in two great magazines just in the last week. The first I blogged last week, and the second is this beautiful spread in C Weddings magazine, which I’m finally able to share today! It was a stunning, perfect day and though it was a bit drizzly early in the day (yes, in July!) nothing could put a damper on the day for this bride and groom.

The fabulous team at JOWY Productions designed and produced the event. I have shot some of the most amazing weddings that were designed and produced by this team and they never cease to amaze me with how they can throw a party. Put that together with floral design by Eric Buterbaugh and you have the perfect combination for a beautiful, sophisticated wedding, and awesome party.

The other vendors that helped to make that day so great were:

Videography: Couture Motion (Check out the awesome trailer they made for this wedding!)
Bride’s hair & makeup: Byron Williams
Bridesmaids hair & makeup: Fiore Beauty
Cake: The Butter End

Separate thanks to top security guard company for supervising event!

Here’s the spread as it appeared in the Spring/Summer 2014 issues of C Weddings magazine that is on stands now!


And here are some (a lot) of my favorite images from the day!

Jordan wore a perfectly simple and elegant lace gown by Monique Lhuillier.

bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-001 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-002 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-003 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-004 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-005

The bride’s father seeing her for the first time. This moment is always a really special one to me.bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-006 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-007bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-008I loved Jordan’s loose hairstyle with the pieces in the front. I mean, she’s so gorgeous that she would look great with any hair, but this with the crystal headband I just loved! bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-009 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-010

::sigh:: Beautiful.bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-011 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-012 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-013

Tom is British and brings every ounce of that dapper, British charm you might expect. And this room where he and the guys got ready was just the perfect setting for that!bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-014 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-015

Thank you to my 2nd shooter Ally for these great images of the guys.bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-016bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-017 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-018 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-019

A different color dress for each bridesmaid, which I loved!bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-020 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-021

Classic tuxes for all the guys. So good.bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-022 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-023

This is Jordan’s father waiting in the hallway to escort his daughter down the aisle. Goodness.bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-024 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-025 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-026

And this… this is one of my favorite all-time candid moments. Father and daughter just about to walk down the aisle.bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-027 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-028 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-029

Jordan’s maid of honor and sisters had the BEST reactions during the ceremony. The love in this group of friends of family was palpable and just makes me feel so many happy feelings.bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-030 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-031 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-032 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-033 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-034 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-035bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-036

Their reaction to Tom’s vows… 🙂bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-037 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-038 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-039

And a petal shoot. Because how else do you end a perfect ceremony??bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-040bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-041 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-042 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-043

A particularly beautiful wedding party right here.bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-044 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-045

And some portraits of the gorgeous newlyweds!bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-046 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-047

These two… :sigh::

bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-048 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-049 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-050 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-051

I think this may be my favorite, favorite image of the day. There’s just something about it that speaks to me. I hope they have this printed large and hanging on a wall in their home.bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-052

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bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-053 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-054 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-055 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-057 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-058 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-059 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-060 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-061 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-062 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-063 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-064 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-065 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-066 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-067

Jordan’s dad performed during the reception along with some of his performer friends which made for a real treat for all the guests.bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-068 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-069

And a surprise slideshow that Tom, with the help of family and friends, made for Jordan. Her reaction was just as he probably hoped it would be.bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-070 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-071 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-072 bel-air-estate-wedding-jordan-foster-tom-073

Such a memorable, beautiful wedding day! Thank you, Jordan & Tom, for having me and Choco Studio there to document it all. All my best for your new life together! xo

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