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A Beverly Hills Engagement Session – Brynn & Ryan

Do you Instagram? I know I’ve blogged about this before, but I love Instagram. As a photographer, it’s natural that I would love it- it’s a way for me to capture and share pieces of my daily life and to keep up with friends and even people I don’t know but who inspire me. I especially love it for having another way to share my photography work with such an active community of people who love looking at (and double-tapping) images. I often share Sneak Peeks of shoots that I do, and even iPhone photos of events and other photo-related outings that I never share here on the blog. So, if you’re on Instagram, check out my feed – @heatherkincaidphoto. And if you already follow me there, then you probably saw my sneak peek of this engagement session the other day.

Though I had never met Brynn & Ryan in person, thanks to our initial conversation about their wedding plans over Skype, I felt like I knew them going into their session. And, because they Skyped me from their home, I had a sneak peek into where we would decide to do their engagement photos- an awesome, modern, bright space in Beverly Hills.

I’ve had a running list of places where I would love to do an engagement session for a while now – a bucket list, if you will, of location and session ideas to which I refer when couple’s are unsure of what they want for their session. A shoot in a couple’s home was on that list, so I jumped at the chance to shoot in their place when Brynn brought up the idea. It’s slightly unconventional, but sometimes the best photos can be created in unexpected places.

Here are some of my favorite images of their session.

beverly-hills-engagement-photos-001 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-002 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-003 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-004 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-005 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-006 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-007 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-008

Number one reason I loved shooting in their home- the photos on the bed. 🙂beverly-hills-engagement-photos-009 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-010 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-011 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-012

It was an impromptu decision to ask them to jump on the bed for a few frames. I was so happy when they didn’t look at me like I was crazy and totally had fun with it. I think this shows off their fun personalities so well. 🙂beverly-hills-engagement-photos-013 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-014 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-015 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-016 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-017

Once we had shot all throughout their place, they changed outfits and we took a short drive to this street Brynn had found nearby. An awesome tree-lined street that, miraculously for LA, had almost no cars parked on it! Brynn, I may have to hire you to do more location scouting for me because this was just so pretty. And this light…!beverly-hills-engagement-photos-018 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-019 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-020 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-021 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-022 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-023 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-024 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-025 beverly-hills-engagement-photos-026

Thanks so much for an awesome shoot! Can’t wait for your wedding in January!


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