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Rancho Mirage Wedding – Chelsea & Paul

I first met Chelsea years ago when I first started photographing her older sister Kristin and her family. Kristin’s family has since become one of my most loyal client families, and I also consider them friends. So, I was thrilled when I found out that Chelsea got engaged, and even happier when they told me they wanted me to be the photographer. Getting to know people and families through my work really is one of the things I love most about what I do, and I especially love that I have gotten to know a family like theirs over the years.

Just this week, Chelsea & Paul began a whole new chapter of their life together as they drove a truck of all of their belongings across the country to Chicago, the city which they will now call their home. Before that, they were living in the Palm Springs area, a place that is really special to them and their families. So, that’s where they decided to have their wedding! They rented this awesome house to use for the weekend and this is where Chelsea got ready on the wedding day…

rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-001 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-002 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-003 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-004 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-005 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-006 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-007 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-008

I love Chelsea and Kristin together… they have such a special sister relationship!rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-009

My second shooter Ally got this shot and I immediately fell in love with it.rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-010

Chels, you’re so beautiful!rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-011

Paul and his guys got ready at a house around the corner…rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-012

Paul represented his hometown of Chicago with Bears cufflinks. I love little personal details like this!rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-013

The First Look…rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-014 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-015 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-016 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-017 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-018 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-019 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-020

A pretty cool behind-the-scenes shot that Ally got of me taking the above photos. 🙂rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-021

Then it was off to Morningside Country Club, their venue, for more portraits!rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-022 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-023 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-024

I loved the details that all the guys implemented. They each wore their own style of funky socks and donned cufflinks given to them by Paul as personalized groomsmen gifts. Each groomsman got a pair of cufflinks that somehow represented them- such an amazing idea!rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-025 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-026 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-027 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-028 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-029

Oh, hey gorgeous.rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-030 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-031 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-032 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-033

They are so cute together… always laughing!rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-034 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-035

I’m loving the trend of bride and grooms deciding on an Instagram hashtag for their wedding! It’s such a fun way to see everyone’s images from the day!rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-036 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-037

I’ve been photographing each of these boys since they were born and it’s so amazing to get to document them as they grow up. Aren’t the cutest?? Love them.rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-038rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-039 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-040 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-041 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-042 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-043 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-044 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-045


And then it was time to party….rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-047 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-048 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-049 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-050

Everyone gave some seriously great speeches- I’m talking super hilarious that had the whole room laughing. While they were all great, I have to be biased and say that Kristin’s speech was my favorite. She wrote an entire rap about Chelsea & Paul set to the tune of Fresh Prince of Bel Air… and it was A-MAZING! She completely surprised everyone in the room, including Chelsea & Paul, and totally nailed it!rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-051 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-052 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-053 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-054 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-055 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-056 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-057 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-058 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-059 rancho-mirage-wedding-chelsea-paul-060

Congratulations, Chelsea & Paul! I wish you all the best in Chicago!! xoxo

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