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My Night at the Golden Globes and a Quick Trip to Imaging USA

This year I had the amazing experience of actually attending the Golden Globe Awards thanks to my cousin Lisa who works for the Hollywood Foreign Press Association! Lisa, Lisa’s sister Celeste and I got to get all dressed up, walk the red carpet, eat the fabulous dinner, drink some fabulous champagne, watch the awards and then attend the after-parties. It was an incredible day and an experience I won’t soon forget. Having lived in and around the L.A. area my entire life i have seen lots of gold tooth and I don’t get star-struck too easily because I know that celebrities are just regular people. But, being in that environment with SO many great (and some not-so-great) actors all at once was pretty cool. My cousins and I found ourselves getting all giddy when Leo DiCaprio walked close by, or when Brad and Angelina were in sight. We particularly got jazzed when Tom Cruise ran into me– yup, we had a special moment, Tom and I. 😉

Here are a few of the many photos I was able to get that night:


Early, and I mean early the next morning, I hopped on a plane to Phoenix to meet up with some friends at the ImagingUSA conference. Meg, Ryel and Regis had driven out from SoCal Saturday night, so I met up with them and Christine (who lives in Phoenix and so graciously opened up her home to the four of us out-of-towners) to soak in some knowledge from the seminars, roam the trade show floor and socialize with other photographers.

My absolute favorite thing about photography conventions is getting to meet fun, cool people in the industry– and I definitely did a lot of that in the 36 hours or so that I was there. Here are some photos that Meg took since I inadvertently left my camera in Cali.

Christine, Meg and I on the trade show floor.


After having lunch our last day in Phoenix, we took some time for some group photos. Thanks to J.T. for snagging these for us! Always nice to have a photographer around. ;-)  From left: Ryel, Regis, Meg, Christine and yours truly.


Look how much fun we were having…



And J.T. was able to get in this one…


Christine and Meg goofing off in the living room.


Quick Starbucks stop before the long drive home… and Meg was able to sneak this shot of all of us Twittering away. 🙂


Christine, thanks again for letting us stay at your place! You and Brian were such great hosts! Can’t wait to see you again at WPPI!

Happy Sunday, everyone!

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