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What to Expect from a Mini Session!

We’re gearing up to announce the 2019 Fall Mini Session dates, so I wanted to do a little look back on last year’s mini sessions to show a bit of what we can capture in a 15-20 minute session!

While I believe that the very best way to document your family and the connections you have with each other is a full session (read more about my Full Family Sessions and how they differ from a Mini Session here), the Mini Session is a great way to get the perfect photo for your family’s holiday card, or to simply update a few of the frames on your wall with some recent captures between your full sessions.

FAQs about Mini Sessions

  1. What is a Mini Session?
    • Every photographer does them differently, but I consider a mini session a 15-20 minute session on a certain date at a certain location that I decide for all the sessions. You sign up for the time slot and we spend that short bit of time taking a few posed/formal shots of your family plus a few candid images. I deliver approx 35-40 high resolution image files about 3 weeks after the session. 🙂
  2. Can I book a Mini Session at any time?
    • I get inquiries for short/mini sessions throughout the year, but I only offer Mini Sessions only once or twice a year on certain dates at certain locations that I decide. They’re always offered in the Fall (family holiday card season!) and sometimes in the Spring when my schedule allows. So, outside of these one or two times during the year, the only kind of family session I offer is a Full Session and you can read more about those here.
  3. Why would I book a mini session?
    • People book mini sessions because they want a simple session where they know it will be quick and we will just focus on getting a few great, key shots for your holiday card or to update the walls of your home. In my eyes, Mini Sessions should not be used to replace all Full Sessions of your family, but they are a great, convenient way to get updated family photos in between Full Sessions. 🙂
  4. What are the downsides of mini sessions?
    • I love shooting mini sessions and I know my clients really appreciate how convenient they are. And, I’m super proud of the images I’m able to capture for families in such a short amount of time. However, if you’re looking for a session that offers more options, that allows you to choose the location and date, that allows an outfit change or that allows for just more time to really focus on capturing great moments and connection, then I would urge you to consider booking a Full Session this year. Mini Sessions are wonderful for those simple shots, but they just can’t compete with giving me more time with your family to capture more.

Are Mini Sessions what you’re looking for?

My Fall 2019 dates were announced in my August newsletter on 8/27/19! Didn’t get the newsletter? Click here to see the dates and times and to book your spot if they’re still available!

Interested in information on Full Family Sessions and how they differ from Mini Sessions? Click here to read that post!

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