Kids Portraits with Mom – Mamas & Littles Sessions

The week before Mother’s Day, I offered a very special kind of session at my little studio in Burbank- mom and kids portraits! The sessions were a twist on my Little Ones sessions and I offered them because so often we are taking the photos and too rarely are we in them ourselves. It’s so important to document ourselves with our kids, not just for us, but for them as they grow. I know I love seeing photos of myself as a toddler or young girl with my mom–those are my most treasured photos from my childhood!

While photos of just the kids are important, let’s document you, too. Your kids will be so thankful one day that you did. I had some wonderful moms and their kids join me for the sessions and I loved them so much I just might make this a regular thing!

So, email me if you’re in need of some kids portraits! And email me if you want to gift a session to a mom who needs some beautiful documentation of her with her own littles. They are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to shoot.  🙂

Here are a few sneak peek images from my recent Mamas & Littles sessions!


I photographed little Xavier for my Little Ones sessions last year. Then I photographed their family during my Fall sessions. Most recently, I got to photograph Xavier and his expectant mom. Next up, a newborn session for sweet baby boy #2!

My favorite from their session. Xavier’s smile is so sweet!

I have photographed Melissa countless times! From her engagement session and amazing wedding to her professional portraits and so many family sessions. I just love her so much and feel so honored I get to capture all the most special moments for her her family. The next session together will most definitely be a session with baby girl #2!

Yelena is a great friend of mine through the wedding industry. I knew her long before we had little ones and it’s so fun that now all of our kids are similar in age. I just love these images and think they captured her and her kids so perfectly…

A favorite from the whole day!

This was a special event for Mother’s Day, but I would so love to do these year round so email me if you’re interested!

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