Downtown LA Engagement Photos – Kristen & Rucchi

I dare you to try to find a couple happier than Kristen & Rucchi. Seriously. Our hour and a half together roaming the arts district of downtown LA was filled with so much joy and excitement and it was wonderful. They live downtown and will be getting married downtown so it made sense to do a downtown LA engagement session. Photography bonus: I love shooting downtown for all the different little nooks and crannies it offers. Plus, even earlier in the day the light is good thanks to shadows from buildings and all the awesome reflected light. City shoots aren’t for everyone, but I love when it makes sense for a couple!

As I was saying, these two were so happy to be there, so happy to be with each other, so excited to be taking photos, and SO excited to talk about their wedding. And all that energy made me so happy to be there. I have a feeling they bring this feeling to everyone around them and I’m so excited to see all the love come together in December at their wedding.

Here’s a peek into their downtown LA engagement images… I hope it makes you smile like it did me.

It was an evening shoot but the light was still pretty harsh. I didn’t mind, though, thanks to all that light bouncing off the sidewalks and reflective buildings around us.

Harsh light means harsh shadows and I’m ok with that in some cases…

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