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Donna and John are married!!!!

This weekend one of my best friends in the whole world married her high school sweetheart… finally! I went to high school with both Donna and John– they went to our Senior Prom together and a couple years ago they moved to Long Beach where, at CSULB, Donna and I reunited as friends… and it’s been nothing but good times ever since. 🙂

I feel like we’ve been talking about this wedding for a very long time, and it actually happened on Saturday! I was so honored to be a bridesmaid and to be part of this amazing day. Because I was actually in the wedding, I obviously wasn’t able to shoot so I made arrangements to have my very good friend Meg Perotti be the main photographer. Meg did an absolutely wonderful job — no surprise! It was also really great to be able spend time with her. You can check out her images from the day on her blog.

It started out to be a very interesting Wedding day with just a few random errands to run (Wal-Mart anyone?) and a spontaneous rain storm, but thankfully the storm cleared just in time to start taking photos! The rest of the day was just beautiful from then on. The ceremony was so touching– a perfect mix of sentimental and funny — and the party was so fun with all our friends around.

It felt so strange to go to a wedding and not be the photographer. Brooke, the other bridesmaid, had to keep telling me to put my camera down so that I could just relax and enjoy the night. I just couldn’t help myself!

Here are my favorite photos from the day… there were so many great moments to choose from so there are quite a few here.
Donna in the midst of getting her make-up done… Check out those amazing eyes!


Her absolutely gorgeous gown. Simple, sexy and sophisticated– what every bride’s dress should be.


Getting dressed in the beautiful window light…


…with Nicole, the lovely sister-of-the-bride and Maid of Honor


Donna’s brother Alex … looking very handsome!


Meg workin’ it.


Nicole– finally not looking scared (:-P) — and the parents of the bride.


Some relaxed portraits of the bride.

img_7148sloppy.jpgExperimenting with some really harsh backlight.



img_7199.jpgFrom the moment I saw this venue months ago on a visit with Donna, I envisioned doing a series of portraits in front of these great antique-looking elevators. I loved the colors, the chandelier, everything! And Donna and John were the perfect models to make my vision a reality. Thanks guys!



The QHHS Alumni! Greg, Me, Donna, John, Sam and Brooke. Thanks to Meg for snapping this one for us!

img_7265.jpgNicole and Evan. Lookin’ mighty good!

nicevan.jpgFirst dance. Check out those sparkly sneakers she wore at the reception! Love them.



Cutting the cake… The cake topper was kind of an inside joke, but as Donna said, “They don’t make our kind of cake-toppers…” The last two photos of this series are Donna’s reaction to John knocking the topper completely off the cake. I love those expressions!


Because I wanted to be able to participate in the bouquet tossing and Meg had left for the evening, I had Alex stand in as my temporary assistant– and check him out! He did such an amazing job! He had never touched this kind of camera before and his focus was dead on! You’ll be a pro in no time!


I caught the bouquet!! — and check out how well Alex caught the reaction shot!


A few of the friends hanging out around one of the tables.


Congratulations Donna and John! You guys are truly one of the most inspiring couples I know. I love you guys so much and hope you’re having a blast in Hawaii! Can’t wait to see you when you get back!

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