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Announcing my Beginners’ Workshop! Learn How To Use Your Camera and Take Better Photos!

UPDATE! This workshop is now sold-out!

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Hey parents! Have a DSLR and want to learn how to use it better to get better photos of your kids? Or are you just someone who has a DSLR camera but find yourself using it on Auto all the time? I get asked ALL THE TIME from clients how they can get better images of their own kids on their own cameras. I love documenting families every year and I’m definitely not trying to replace the importance of hiring a professional to take your photos, but I know that desire for parents and others to be able to capture great photos of special times when I’m not around!

So, I developed the Beginners’ Workshop and I hope some of you will join me to learn how to better use your own camera to take great photos!

I have a passion for teaching people. I was a teacher at a community college for 8 years and taught beginning digital photography among other classes and I really miss teaching! So, I thought I would get back into the groove by hosting a beginning workshop for non-professionals… I want to share what I know with parents (or anyone) who has a desire to take better photos of the kids and people in their life!

Want to join or have more questions? Email me!

Who should sign up for this workshop?
First and foremost, this workshop is for beginners and non-professionals. It is geared towards the everyday person who has a DSLR camera and simply wants to learn the basics to take better photos. I’ll teach you how to get that camera out of auto mode and give you more control over how your images look!

To all you professional or more advanced photographers out there interested, I currently offer one-one-one training that’s geared toward more advanced photography! Email me for information on that. I also hope to offer group sessions for pros in the future. 🙂

People who sign up will be required to bring their own DSLR camera, lens and memory card. No other equipment is required.


How will this workshop work?
This workshop will take place in two parts to give you a full introduction to digital photography and image processing. The first part will be a small group workshop at a studio in Culver City called Festoon LA on Saturday May 12th from 2:15-5pm where we will cover the camera basics and learn all about how to use a DSLR to get better photos of people. The second part will take place online the following Saturday May 19th from 2:30-4pm. Each attendee will get a link to join a live, interactive webinar where you will watch me go over the basics of image downloading, sorting, backing up and editing in software like Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop. There will also be time for questions on anything relating to what was covered in the workshop.

Day 1 – Small Group Workshop In-Studio at Festoon LA!
Saturday, May 12th from 2:15pm-5pm
Intro to the DSLR camera
Basics of camera settings
How lens choice affects your image
Practice shooting portraits with objects and a model
Snacks will be provided

Day 2 Live Online Webinar:
Saturday, May 19th from 2:30pm-4pm with replay available for anytime access in case you can’t join live that day!
Will show you live how I download images, backup files, sort through images and edit in software like Adobe Lightroom
Time for questions about anything relating to topics covered in the workshop


How much?
This will be the first group session I’m offering like this and I’m SO excited about it! But, because it will be the first session, I want the group to be small so you each get more attention and I want to offer a special rate to those who are willing to be part of this test round. Because you’re offering to be a bit of a guinea pig, I’m offering this first group session to 4-6 people at a reduced rate of $200 per person which includes both the in-studio and online portions. Payment in full is due at time of sign-up.

My goal is to breakdown photography in the simplest way and get you to walk away with the confidence to take better photos of the people you love! Having taught beginning digital photography many times at the college level, I have methods to simplify the camera and make it feel not so intimidating. If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to take better images from a professional, this is such a great chance to do that!


Interested? Email me with questions or to book your spot today! Honestly, I have no idea when or if I’ll offer this kind of course again, so I’d love to have you join this time around!

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