A SmogShoppe Wedding – Jessica & Logan

One of the things I love most about the clients I work with is that they have a variety of styles and aesthetics. I love working with people with more glamorous wedding styles, and I love working with those that have more rustic styles- and everything in between. I love variety, and I love that my work speaks to people who have various vibes because that allows me to get creative with each shoot and really play off the energy and style of each couple. This variety is inspiring to me and though I want my work to look consistent, I also want to let each wedding bring out something new in me and how I shoot. Even though on their face many weddings are similar, each wedding I shoot is drastically different from the next thanks to the energy the people bring to their day.

While SmogShoppe has been around for a while and is a popular, fun little venue in the Los Angeles area, I had never shot there so it was fun for me to work in this space. It has a lot of style on it’s own and it created the perfect atmosphere for Jessica & Logan’s wedding day. This wedding was especially fun for me to shoot because Logan and I are friends from a while back and I knew a lot of the guests.

Here are my favorite images from their wedding day!


Congratulations, Jessica & Logan!

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