San Ysidro Ranch – Anna & Mason’s 10-year Anniversary

I think any reason is a good reason to throw a fabulous party. Weddings are especially great and fun to celebrate, but it seems to me that even more people should go all out for the anniversary parties. Celebrating a new life together as husband and wife is wonderful, but celebrating a life already established together- with all the milestones, happy times, hardships and struggles that come with that time spent together — now that’s something that should be done much more often. Anna & Mason have been married for ten years and have three beautiful children. They wanted to celebrate those 10 years with their closest friends and family so they planned a whole weekend for their friends to come to Santa Barbara and celebrate.

The weekend kicked off with a beautiful welcome party at their home, complete with a concert by Mason’s band which played tons of great cover songs. Then on Saturday, they moved the party to San Ysidro Ranch, a stunning venue nestled in the hills of Montecito, where they continued the celebration and danced late into the evening. It was a beautiful weekend complete with elegant details and it all came together flawlessly thanks to the event design and production by Joy de Vivre – Joy was amazing and I can’t wait to work with her again sometime! Gorgeous flowers by Kelly Kaufman Floral Design.


I loved how Beatrice got to witness her mom getting ready… such a classic moment for a mother and daughter.san-ysidro-ranch-party-002san-ysidro-ranch-party-003san-ysidro-ranch-party-004

This girls dress was by Oscar de la Renta kids… it was the cutest little dress ever!san-ysidro-ranch-party-005san-ysidro-ranch-party-006san-ysidro-ranch-party-007san-ysidro-ranch-party-008san-ysidro-ranch-party-009san-ysidro-ranch-party-010

San Ysidro Ranch is such a beautiful place and was the perfect place for some family photos before the big party…san-ysidro-ranch-party-011san-ysidro-ranch-party-012

And then, of course, some portraits of the beautiful couple…san-ysidro-ranch-party-013san-ysidro-ranch-party-014san-ysidro-ranch-party-015san-ysidro-ranch-party-016san-ysidro-ranch-party-017san-ysidro-ranch-party-018san-ysidro-ranch-party-019san-ysidro-ranch-party-020san-ysidro-ranch-party-021san-ysidro-ranch-party-022

The details were dreamy.san-ysidro-ranch-party-023san-ysidro-ranch-party-025san-ysidro-ranch-party-026san-ysidro-ranch-party-027san-ysidro-ranch-party-028san-ysidro-ranch-party-029san-ysidro-ranch-party-030

I was referred to Anna by my amazing former clients Melissa & David. Melissa is Anna’s interior designer aka the drill women and handled the renovation of their gorgeous Montecito Home. I knew she was talented, but when I stepped into that home that Melissa helped to design, I was stunned. If you need an amazing designer who also happens to be the nicest person ever, contact her company Massucco Warner Miller. She’s the best!san-ysidro-ranch-party-031san-ysidro-ranch-party-032san-ysidro-ranch-party-033san-ysidro-ranch-party-034san-ysidro-ranch-party-035san-ysidro-ranch-party-036san-ysidro-ranch-party-037san-ysidro-ranch-party-038san-ysidro-ranch-party-039san-ysidro-ranch-party-040san-ysidro-ranch-party-041san-ysidro-ranch-party-042san-ysidro-ranch-party-043

Such a fun weekend! Congratulations on ten beautiful years, Anna & Mason! And here’s to many many more!

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