Point Dume Malibu Wedding – Natalie & Neo

7.10.13 | Weddings


In the past six weeks I have photographed seven weddings, packed up our apartment and moved into our very own home (I’ll be blogging about that exciting adventure sometime soon!). It’s been the craziest six weeks in a long time, but the weddings I’ve had the pleasure of documenting have been some of the most beautiful I’ve seen. I’m currently deep in the thick of culling, processing, organizing, exporting and uploading so many images and will be slowly-but-surely getting them posted on this somewhat-neglected blog of mine soon!

Last week, I posted an awesome, big, Texas ranch wedding with a raging party. This week, I’m posting quite the opposite kind of celebration- a simple, intimate ceremony overlooking the Pacific Ocean followed by a quaint dinner and toasts of love and well-wishes. It’s the variety in celebrations and how different one wedding can be from another that keeps my creativity fresh when I have many weddings back to back- and it’s also what I truly love about what I do.

This Malibu wedding was a special one because the bride is the sister of a very close friend of mine from college. It was so nice that Natalie and Neo wanted me to photograph their day- I was happy to be there and now I’m thrilled to share some of my favorite images from their day.

point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-001 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-002 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-003 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-004 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-005 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-006 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-007 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-008 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-009 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-010 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-011 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-012 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-013 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-014 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-015 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-016 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-017 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-018 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-019 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-020 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-021 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-022 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-023 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-024 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-025 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-026 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-027 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-028 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-029 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-030 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-031 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-032 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-033 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-034 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-035 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-036 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-037 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-038 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-039 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-040 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-041 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-042 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-043 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-044 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-046 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-047 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-049 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-050 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-051 point-dume-malibu-small-wedding-052

Congrats, Nat & Neo!! xo