Charlotte & Me

As a work-from-home mom, I’m so lucky to be able to spend most of each day with my sweet girl. I work really efficiently when she naps and then have a great helper who watches her here at home while I work a couple days a week. And even though being a working mom is harder than I had ever thought it would be, I am so grateful to have a career I love and that offers me the flexibility to spend so much time with Charlotte at a time when every single day we can see her grow, change, learn, and become more aware of the world around her.

This year, I was inspired by a good friend to start a project where each week I take a portrait of Charlotte and me together. Though teething and all of us being sick threw me off the the weekly ritual for a few weeks, I’m totally back on track now. This is the most recent image from the project I took on Friday hanging out at home. It’s one of my favorites so far. 🙂

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