Costa Rica Wedding Photos: Lex & Lee

It all started on a beach in Costa Rica- one of those perfect beaches with great waves… and a hammock… and beautiful people listening to music on iPods in the shade while taking a break from surfing. It was on this beach that she saw him for the first time, sitting next to the hammock she had been looking forward to lounge in all morning. They were both from Florida- she was there to study Spanish for the Summer, and he was there to surf for a couple of weeks. They talked, they went out, they had a whirlwind romance in paradise and have been together ever since. Yes… that really happened. In real life. She was Lex and he was Lee- and I was honored to be asked by Meg Perotti to shoot their wedding in Costa Rica, the beautiful place where they met by chance nearly 3 years ago.

How amazing is life that a chance meeting between two people can, 3 years later, bring together a group of 50 friends and family (and two very honored photographers) for a celebration and amazing experience in paradise? Life is beautiful that way.

Lex and Lee have beautiful, calming spirits- they are so special, and because of them and this experience I have felt a transformation within myself. Lex inspires me- she is a dreamer, she expresses feelings openly and she seems to experience like I strive to experience. They, and all of their friends and family, made us feel so welcome in their celebration- I am grateful to have been extended this opportunity and won’t forget it anytime soon…

The shoes… and the view from Lex’s room at Villa Caletas where the wedding took place. Insane.

Lex was surrounded by some great family and friends the entire day… these girls were so much fun!

Lee just before the First Look.

The First Look. 🙂

Lex is gorgeous, inside and out.

The ceremony took place in this amazing amphitheater…

The view from the amphitheater during the ceremony. Yup- real life…

My two favorite moments from the ceremony.

Some of my favorite portraits of the bride and groom.

Having drinks like this is mandatory in this kind of setting… piña coladas were our favorite. 🙂

Lex getting her groove on.

The favorite drinks that night were guaro and pineapple juice… and they enjoyed many. 🙂

Lex & Lee- Thank you so much for the amazing few days we spent with you and your family and friends. Wishing for you all the best and can’t wait to see how the rest of your lives together unfold.

Make sure you visit Meg’s blog post to see more from this wedding. 🙂

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